New Ham

Are you interested in becoming an Amateur Radio operator?  Or have you recently earned your license and have questions about how to get started?

Amateur Radio is one of the most varied and fulfilling hobbies in the world.

Do you enjoy experimenting with electronic devices and building your own equipment?  Amateur Radio!


   Do you enjoy talking with people in distant lands?  Amateur Radio!    N6KI

    Do you enjoy the thrill of a contest to see how many contacts you can make in a fixed period?  Amateur Radio!

   Do you enjoy community service and disaster preparation?  Amateur Radio! 

  Or, would you simply like to talk on the air with a group of people from all over about mutual hobbies such as

  fishing, travel, electronics or home mprovement, to name only a few?  Amateur Radio!



   If you need to keep your cat warm on those cold days, Amateur Radio can take care of that, too!Oliver

   Amateur Radio literally expands your horizons to the entire planet and beyond.  How much  you get involved is up to you.

   SANDARC, by way of its Member Clubs, is here to help you learn what you need to know to earn your Amateur Radio

   license and help get you  started in your new and exciting hobby.


Do you already have your license, but aren't sure what equipment to get or how to set up a station and antenna? 

Our Member Clubs have people who are ready and willing to help you get on the air.

There are clubs all over San Diego County.  Some are just general membership.  Others are dedicated to certain areas of Amateur Radio, such as the San

Diego DX Club (DX = contacting hams in foreign countries) and the San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Club (using the 6-meter ham band).

You can buy your gear new from local suppliers such as Ham Radio Outlet (HRO), where you can personally sit and try out the radios. Or buy used

equipment from local hams or from sellers on the Internet (,, Craigslist, etc.).  Regarding used gear, having a knowledgeable

and experienced ham friend and remembering the phrase caveat emptor can help to save you money and disappointment. 

Knowledge and patience are your friends.