The San Diego County Amateur Radio Council, Inc. (SANDARC) is a non-profit corporation formed on August 11th, 1958, by San Diego County Amateur Radio organizations to further the art of Amateur Radio in San Diego County.

SANDARC maintains and operates the SANDARC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator program (or SANDARC VEC), comprised of dedicated Amateur Radio Operators who donate their time to provide license examinations almost every Saturday of the month at four locations spread across the county.  Their superb work will result in you having your new license a few days after you pass your test.

Today, SANDARC provides no-cost Technician, General and Extra Class Amateur Radio license examinations at different locations throughout the County.   SANDARC also sponsors special classes for those who wish to obtain a license with testing immediately following the class. Other organizations charge from $5 to $15 to take an exam.  Check our License Classes and Testing page for monthly scheduled dates, times and locations for classes and testing.

For help in locating a club near you, click on the Member Clubs menu listing at the top of this page.

Southwestern Division Convention:  SANDARC has advised the ARRL Southwestern Division Director, Dick Norton, that SANDARC will not be hosting a convention in 2018 or the foreseeable future.