SANDARC Accomplishments






SANDARC Volunteer Examiner Coordinator program also maintains and runs the local FCC-Approved Amateur Radio License testing program. There is a test on most Saturday mornings and after most training sessions which are held regularly in the county. The SANDARC VEC (Volunteer Examiner Coordinator) program provides the examiners for these test sessions. There is NO CHARGE for a license test at a SANDARC exam session.  Other organizations charge from $5 to $15 to take an exam.  For more information on testing,  click on "License Classes and Testing".

Every four years, SANDARC sponsors the ARRL Southwestern Division Convention here in San Diego. Our next convention will be in 2018.  Be sure to drop by the convention!  The San Diego Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC) regularly donates dozens of  ARRL License Manuals to be placed in City and County Libraries.   Every time the question pool has been changed for the Technician, General and Amateur Extra class tests, SANDARC has donated the latest study guides.  

SANDARC also sponsors a booth at the Santee Street Fair. This event attracts many individuals from around the county. The booth exposes them to Amateur Radio and is staffed with hams who are there to help answer questions about the Amateur Radio service.   A few of the most frequently asked questions are:  What is a Ham Radio Operator?  How do I become an Amateur Radio Operator?  Where is the testing, and what does it involve?  I am a ham already, where is there a club near me?